PHP Tutorials for Noobs!

WebdevNoobs is your ultimate resource and guide to php website development, specially designed for beginners. Our platform offers step-by-step php tutorials with project-centered approach, enabling you to learn web development effectively.

Struggling with Backend Web Application Development?

If you are new to php web development you may find it difficult to learn despite the abundance of online documentation for building web applications. That’s why Webdevnoobs (WDN) was created, to help developers learn through project building, which gives context to the code's workings. Whether you’re a college student, freelancer, or business owner and finding it challenging to use code correctly and looking to learn more about backend web application development - WDN can help!

Fast-Track Your Web Application Building Skills

Our tutorials have been designed to be expedient and straightforward, we prioritize getting students swiftly involved in creating web applications instead of complicating the process with too many rules and traditional best practices. WDN aims to help you focus on how to build applications, not on teaching specific technologies.

Get started with one of our tutorials now and take your coding skills to the next level!

Are Our PHP Web App Development Tutorials Right For You?

  • Do you struggle with using code examples when building web applications?
  • Are you a college student or freelancer looking to learn how to build web applications quickly?
  • Are you interested in a project-based approach to learning web development?
  • Are you primarily focused on backend web development, rather than frontend development?

If you answered yes to the questions listed above, WebDevNoobs may be your ideal resource for advancing your skills in development.

The WebDevNoobs Way

To make the most of WDN's resources, avoid copying and pasting code. Instead, we strongly recommend typing out the code. This helps build memory muscle and improves skills in creating web applications.

We provide a simple yet comprehensive methodology for mastering backend web application development. Our tutorials emphasize application building and present a perfect stepping stone towards advancing careers for backend web application development.

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